MamaOyoyo Cococyam Soup Thickener

No More Pounding Just Pour!!!

MamaOyoyo Instant Cococyam Soup Thickener: MamaOyoyo instant cocoyam soup thickener is our flagship product and our production facility and process guarantees that only 100% freshly harvested and healthy cocoyam stubs are used to create the magic in every pack of our instant cocoyam soup thickener.  Our instant cocoyam soup thickener facility currently operates as a single line with an installed production capacity of over 4 tonnes per day and is estimated to process approximately 90 tonnes of product per month currently. We are committed to increasing and improving our production capacity to meet the demands of our vast customers.  This Product currently comes in two sizes the 500g pack size and the 250 g pack size.