About Us

Eone food industries Nigeria is a fast-rising food and beverage processing, packaging and marketing company poised to take the Nigerian food, agriculture and agro-processing sectors to the next level. With the introduction of the company’s flagship product and first of its kind, called the MamaOyoyo Instant Cocoyam soup thickener a product we are proud to say was produced with care and love, from only the best handpicked fresh and healthy cocoyam stubs and under the strictest processes, the MamaOyoyo Instant Cocoyam soup thickener is indeed every cooks delight and Magic in a pack.  

Since inception, Eone food industries Nigeria limited is committed to diversifying its product range under the registered trademark and brand name MamaOyoyo to include Curry powder, Thyme, Cubed and Powdered Seasoning and Turmeric multipurpose Powder and the Aqua- E table water brand.

  Since hitting the Nigerian market with the MamaOyoyo Instant Cocoyam soup thickener, the company has seen tremendous brand growth through its promise of delivering excellent quality products and efficient business practice.  Our operational facility is located in a vast and serene environment with a landmass measuring approximately 25,000 square meters and also expanding to satisfy the massive demand for our products. 

Our core focus and interest are in providing massive investment in agriculture across all its value chain and employment generation in Nigeria through direct investment in local capacity building as well as delivering quality, smart and affordable food to Nigerians and the world.